An intro to FossilForm wood and resin phone cases

An intro to FossilForm wood and resin phone cases

It's an ocean when it comes to accessories products, specially when that accessory is something that almost everyone uses every day. I'm not talking about car accessories or kitchen-ware, I'm talking about phone accessories and specifically mobile phone cases, wraps and covers. statistics show the global mobile phone protective cases market was valued at $ 3,183.6 million in 2018 and is projected to reach 5,114.6 million by 2024. *

There are many unique and ingenious ideas and phone cases in the market with many new ideas come to life everyday. Although many cell phone manufacturers choose not to provide a phone case along with a mobile phone,  they want to offer their own design and taste of phone cases and other accessories to their customers and fans. 

Among all giant factories and manufactures of phone cases are small business that would take the hassle of making cases one at a time and many with customization or personalization option to offer to their customers. When it comes to custom cases, wood phone cases are on top of the line. Laser engraved or hand carved, mixed with resin or UV printed the outcome are really gorgeous natural wood, earth like products. Although some makers create thick and bulky wood cases, some like to use soft materials like TPU for the frame and edges as it provides better protection and doesn't add too much thickness to the phone.

We at FossilForm came along way to make our wood designs perfect and now we use them on our cell phone cases and drink coasters, with more products to come. What separates FossilForm wood + resin iphone case from other phone cases is the way that it is made. It's not just color pigments mixed with epoxy resin and poured in a frame with some wood burls and then cut into thin slices to be used for back of a phone case, Our designs are artworks, colored artworks which are cut and removed from the wood, filled with resin, added glitter, sealed and finished to offer a look that might not look like an actual fossil, but it reminds you of a shape that is trapped in wood forever, but is preserved, and all the details and colors are infused in the wood. it's an artwork form that is embedded in wood like a fossil, that's why we named it FossilForm

I will post more about the process and challenges we had to make this idea come to life. 

here are some detailed and magnified images of  products.

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humpback whale Wooden phone case

A humpback whale Fossil - Formed on Mahogany wood

Magnified image of a wood + resin phone case

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