New Style Wood + Resin

Phone Cases

Vibrant Colors

Glitter Effect

Resin Infused in wood

Detailed Cuts


Drink Coasters

Custom Made Wood + Resin Phone Case

These are some wood sheets that have gone through engraving, cutting, wood finishes and resin casting and are ready to be placed on a protective soft TPU material case to best protect your phone. Looking for a special design? We make it for you. Just click on the video or here and upload your file or image and we'll take care of the rest and don't worry about the result, we’ll send you a preview to confirm or revise until you get your personal phone case made for you.

Phone Case of the Day

Stylish and Snug Slim Wood Case with Grip

FossilForm wood phone cases have a grip pattern on both sides of the case to avoid falling and slipping from hands even if they are wet. Besides this protective feature it also has raised bezels on screen side to avoid phone screen touch rough surfaces and get scratches. Simply put, it's a snug and stylish phone case.

stylish wood iphone case

Wireless Charging

Since there are no metals used in our wood+resin cellphone cases and the wood used is very thin so it is 100% compatible with fast wireless charging cell phones and chargers.

Real Wood Cases - We Make it Differently